BIG Airsoft GAME – March 25, 2018

Come join us for the first Airsoft OP of 2018 at Robinhood Paintball More details to come!

BIG Airsoft GAME
8:00AM to 4:00PM @ Robinhood Paintball, Inc.

• $40 Admission Fee – $32 if you Pre-Register good through 3/24/2018 at 9:00PM.
• Registration opens at 8:00AM
• East Coast Airsoft Mobile Store opens at 8:30AM


• Registration and Chrono – 8:00AM
• Mandatory Safety Brief – 9:30PM (It is important that everyone be at the game ON TIME and registered and chronoed before the safety brief so we can go over the ground rules and make sure everyone understands the rules and safety precautions.)

10:00AM: Game1 Starts
11:00AM: Game1 Ends
11:30AM: Game2 Starts
12:30PM: Game2 Ends
12:30PM: Lunch Break
1:45PM: Game3 Starts
4:00PM: Game3 Ends


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